About the profession

All paramedics practising in the province of Prince Edward Island must be registered with the College of Paramedicine of PEI.

Paramedicine is the health profession in which a person applies particular knowledge, skills and judgment in:

  • The assessment, management and treatment of injury or illness in emergency, primary care and community care settings, and
  • Conducting research, education, management or administrative activities related to the above.

Registered paramedics may use the title paramedic as their designation. Additionally, depending on the level of education and completed exams, registered paramedics may use the following designations:

  • Primary care paramedic or PCP
  • Intermediate care paramedic or ICP
  • Advanced care paramedic or ACP
  • Critical care paramedic or CCP

More information

Find more information about paramedicine as a regulated health profession and levels of paramedic care in the Paramedics Regulations.